Android Game Review: Beat Racer

Android Game Review: Beat Racer

Racing is the most popular category for games. Not only in the PlayStation or any console game. In the android or mobile game, racing still leads the competition between games. One of the newest games in the racing category is a beat racer. This game is so unique in its own way. The visual is very different with the other racing game in the android game. If the usual games, they will brag about the visual of cars that they are made for racing, but the beat racer is not concern about that. As their name which is beat so this racing is focused on having a great background music that could really captivate your ears. The audio of this games also helped by its visual of the colors that played on the monitor as you are going to race.

Easy To Win Race

In this game, the track will be divided into 3 tracks. In those 3 lanes of track, you will found some obstacles to go through with. That obstacle can be avoided by jumped in or you can dodge it by moving the lane you are in. The track of this race could change into any colors as the music beat faster. The visualization of the music beat really could make both of your eyes and your ears pleased to hear and see that.

The long the music played so it is mean the faster your car will be moving forward and the more obstacles you need to go through with.

You also need to pick some things on the track in other to regain your power. This power needed to attack the bulldozer that sometimes comes behind you if you had enough power you just need to tap the car so that the bulldozer crashed. You need to be in the same lane with the bulldozer to attack it.

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