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Summoners war is a very fun game, this game is much sought after by all lovers of game commonly called gamers. This is because game this one serves an excellent graphic design when the compare with other games like. Like game with gendre Role Playing Game, this one also requires you to complete a mission to accomplish something. The mission is done usually executed with DO fight.

Summoners War Hack Free

But you need not worry because the fight you are doing will be assisted by monster yang you have. Some of the monsters in Your collection and can provide in this game with a variety of abilities. starting from Star man to most high ability with monster and one star for the lowest.

If you have monster with star is still low, you can upgrades by using the crystal. Crystal this will you get for running the mission, so you need time to gather the crystal. But to get a faster crystal you can use Summoners war crystal hack, an application that is provided free or free. Summoners war hack free this you can download from various sites.

If you new players in this war summoners, here we recommendation some of the monsters that you can have at the level of the beginning of the game which can help you in the fight. Among them are:
1. Tantra (yeti fire), monsters that this one can be used as a tanker for the element water. Monster has skill that could make shield for himself and doing recovery for 3 turn. Rune commonly used for these monsters is the full energy (hp hp hp). If you would like to obtain these monsters can you can of the secret dungeon, shop, scroll, and also unknown mystical scroll.

2. Konami garuda water, monster this one has three excellent skill, i.e. skill 1 which has 24% against the enemy, stun Skill 2 can charge attack bar friends and increases attack power for 1 turn, and skill 3 is deleted all the adverse effects and recovery HP to all my friends. Skill 3 is a very favored by gamers because it is very helpful for farming rune dragon lair.

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